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Recyclates of Veolia Polymers: Continuously adding value 

PP is excellently suitable for recycling. Its properties can be easily modified, for a second, third or even a fourth life. And this in the same or even a totally different application. Smart recycling maintains the value of PP, conserves scarce mineral resources such as oil and protects the environment. In more than four decades, Veolia Polymers has developed into an expert in the area of PP recycling. Our materials are successfully used in a growing number of applications and markets.

PP sits in our DNA, and it is anchored in our vision and mission

For almost half a century, Veolia Polymers has acquired a unique expertise in upgrading waste PP. This experience has made us a leader in the area of recycling this raw material. For our customers this means a guarantee of quality and constant products. They are comparable with those made of new raw materials. In cooperation with other parties, new products are continuously being developed. Through a continuous innovation and improvement process, we are a reliable partner for the long term. We think along with you, and we translate all your requirements into an optimal material. Besides quality, the cost price continues to be an important point of departure. Without forfeiting on quality, the cost price of a recyclate actually lies substantially lower than that of new material.

The origin of PP 

PP can be produced in different manners. It can be synthesized from fossil fuels (oil-based), from biomass (bio-based), or it can be made by means of high-quality recycling processes (recycle-based).

Mineral fuel is and remains the most important source, for a large-scale production of PP. Products made from PP are sustainable, and they help preserve our environment in many different ways. They are, for instance, lighter and more functional than the same products that are, for example, made from glass or steel. They do not have to be incinerated or thrown away after a first use - they must be recycled. In this way, via recycling, they serve as a raw material for new products.


Consistancy and Quality thanks to a tight grip on raw materials

A tight grip on raw materials is crucial for producing an optimal PP recyclate. This requires thorough knowledge of raw materials and the markets in which they originated. In addition to quality, availability is another prime importance for producing a PP recyclate that offers the properties required by our customers. Reliable, available and affordable; that is our promise. 

Input for Recycling, from post industrail and post consumer sources

Clear purchase specifications for raw materials contribute to achieving consistent quality of the final recyclate. A thorough check on properties and composition, tested and measured according to international standards, is part of our day-to-day business. Our market is highly dynamic, so the purchase process is becoming increasingly important. By involving suppliers more closely in our production processes, we guarantee quality and secure volume capacity. 

Veolia Polymers bases its recyclate on of two types of raw materials: 

1. Recovered from waste streams of plastic convertors. (post industrial) 
2. Recovered from consumer waste (i.e. packaging ; post consumer) 

Mixing both types allows us to formulate PP recyclates that offer a broad range of properties. This approach gives us the ability to react quickly and effectively to requirements in various customer markets.


Four decades of know-how give us the ability to formulate recyclates for most customer markets

100% quality check on the primary properties upon delivery is the first stage in our material upgrading process. Following approval, the mix is compounded. During this process, the material is being melted which results in thorough mixing at near molecular level. Various smart additives enhance the material further to create the desired specification. For example, colour, Melt flow, stiffness, impact resistance, etc. Finally, the material is filtered and purified to remove contaminants (metals, paper, moisture, etc.) 

The material is then tested in our in-house laboratory before it receives final approval. A precise test procedure determines whether the customer's specification has been met. Following approval, an certificate of analysis is attached to the material, which is then ready for shipping to the customer. 


At Veolia Polymers, we use the most advanced analysis techniques available to determine the properties of our recyclates. Qualitative methods such as DSC, IR and XRF allow us to determine the chemical composition and trace possible contaminants. Standardised test methods are used to determine the primary mechanical properties such as stiffness, impact resistance and processing characteristics, e.g. melt index.

Certified quality 

We refuse to trust solely in our experience, so all of the processes are described, monitored and where necessary improved in accordance with ISO 9001. EuCertPlast certification offers our customers an extra guarantee that our recyclates have been produced in a sustainable way.


Vision PP recyclate: The material of the 21st Century

Our product range offers a number of standard grades, which are suitable for most common applications: 

Type Melt flow Specific characteristics Processing area
PP Copolymeer Medium Unfilled,
medium-high impact resistance
Injection moulding
PP Copolymeer High Unfilled, medium impact resistance Injection moulding, thin-walled
PP Copolymeer Medium 10% mineral, filled,
medium impact resistance, improved stiffness
Injection moulding, technical components
PP Copolymeer Medium 20% mineral filled
EPDM-modified improved 
impact resistance
Injection moulding, technical parts
PP Homopolymeer Medium-low Unfilled, good stiffness Injection moulding /  extrusion
PP Homopolymeer High General-purpose, unfilled Injection moulding, thin-walled
PP Homopolymeer Medium 20% mineral, filled,
high stiffness
Injection moulding


Range overview

Click here for a complete overview of all of the technical specifications. 

Our R&D department continuously develops new recyclates in response to strong growth in the number of application possibilities. Are you looking for a recyclate in a specific colour, or with other specific properties? If so, please contact us. We will be delighted to advise you on the possibilities. 

Toll compounding

Do you want to upgrade your own waste for reuse, or do you need to have compounds produced based on your own recipe? Our expertise and equipment are at your disposal, not only for PP, but also for most other polymers. Would you like to know more about what we can do for you? If so, please contact us.


Expertise makes the difference between success and failure in many highly demanding markets 

For all of these customers, we not only assume the role of producer, we are also a source of knowledge and a development partner. Based on a highly specific mix of requirements and wants, we develop recyclates that exactly match our customers' unique product specifications and production processes. Whether this involves car parts that have to be able to withstand impacts, water management products that disappear underground for 20 years or more, or all-weather garden furniture, AKG Polymers either already has the solution or develops its for you.

We have also become colour specialists. We have succeeded in significantly expanding our range of colours through selection, preliminary separation of raw materials and in-house developed colouring techniques. The era of 'any colour as long as it's black' is now finally behind us. Vision Compounds replace new material in many applications where colour is important. This reduces your cost price and makes your product more sustainable at the same time. When will you change your tack?


Recyclate; polymer with experience 

Plastic is also a finite resource and one that is almost universally used in the products that surround us. It is used in our cars, clothing and appliances, but regrettably, due to incineration and littering, it also appears increasingly in the environment. It makes our life more comfortable, as long as it is recycled rather than being disposed or incinerated after use. Fortunately, more and more consumers and businesses are aware of the need to change. 

With our expertise and long-standing experience, we are capable of helping you convert your product composition from virgin materials to recyclates. Recyclate make your product greener and therefore more sustainable, without any loss of efficiency and quality. Would you like to find out whether your product is suitable for recyclate? If so, please contact us. 

Veolia Polymers takes its responsibility when it comes to social and enviromental issues. Not only are our products sustainable, they are produced in a sustainable manner with a minimum impact on the environment. Our company has been EuCertPlast-certified since 2013: an extra guarantee of sustainability and quality for customers.


More information?

Call (0546) 66 77 88

More information?

Call (0546) 66 77 88